pirkanmaan kaeraejaeoikeus camp speicher About us

framstilling og pavisning av karbondioksid Lingu was established in 2008 and is today one of the Norway's leading providers of language training services, with courses across the country and online.

stjerner barn nyhet Lingu was established in 2008 and is today a dynamic and fast-growing communication services company with language centres in Oslo and in Stavanger.

prolific not enough virtual memory Our focus is to provide highly engaging and fulfilling communication services that facilitate our clients' journey of continuous personal growth. We believe that better communication is the key to a more understanding and productive world.

vikking season6 download free hd Our portfolio of products and services cover language services related to professional communication and doing business in a foreign market, as well as communication consulting for knowledge-based organisations. This makes Lingu one single vendor for all language services your company needs.

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Our services

  • Language training
  • Communication skills training